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3 Mistakes Advertisers Make With Print Ads Which You Should Avoid

3 Mistakes Advertisers Make With Print Ads Which You Should Avoid


One of the oldest and the most famous modes of communication, print advertising can cost a fortune to a business. Yet, there are businesses that prefer it over the currently booming online modes of communication because regardless of the comparatively short life span, it has the ability to generate an instant response. Unlike your online presence, you do not have to invest in building it up!


So if you are giving a print ad, might as well ensure you take note of the following points:


1. A Vital Grabber: We believe every business has a unique offering. And we believe your print communication should focus only that! With the amount of advertising clutter in newspapers these days, it is highly important to restrict your communication to one or two lines. Just talk about the Vital Grabber – your 20% – your differentiation and nothing else! Interested prospects will get in touch with you. But since you are spending a huge amount on that ad, there is a tendency to say more. Avoid that!


2. Call To Action: Okay, so there are prospects who are interested in your offering, but what should they do? How should they contact you? Do you want people to visit you? Or call you up? Or send you a message? We believe print ads have the potential to spark an immediate interest, and the call to action has to be a phone call or send a message on some number. It is difficult to redirect prospects to a website or ask them to send a mail. Those are the calls to action for online communication. The best way to tap on spontaneous interest is – give a missed call here or sms blah blah to this number.


3. Clean Design: Most important! A clean design shall ensure the readers glance at your ad first. Have you ever noticed that the first ad you lay your eyes upon gets the most time and attention from your end? And generally, the ads you lay your eyes upon in the first go are the ones that have something very soothing about them. They are clean, intelligent and minimal! Hence, it is important to craft nice a backdrop, use certain fonts and ensure the conceptualization is clean and catchy.


Vital tip: Look at the print ad as a scope to enhance your online branding. Use that on your social media and website. Flaunt it.


Now that you have a better idea on how to give a print ad, have fun giving one and garnering an amazing response on it! Or else, you could get in touch with us and we could create one for you!


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