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3 tips to become your client’s favorite Brand Manager!

3 tips to become your client’s favorite Brand Manager!

A Brand Manager appears to be a mere point of contact between a company and customers. But, in reality, the role is extremely crucial  when you have a gamut of clients prowling for the best deliverables. Difference in opinion and expertise can often create friction between the client and the company. That’s where the Brand Manager is at the line of fire!

But how can you manage clients well and be in their good books regardless of disagreements? Since you are the face of your organization in the client’s office, how can you keep everything meticulous? Check out these 3 valuable tips to become your client’s favorite Brand Manager!



  • Don’t work for the client, work with the client

Be dead honest, but always be positive in your words. Have a fair but firm opinion when necessary- honesty is the base of a healthy connection! Understand the client’s point of view, and its customer’s opinion. Most importantly, make the client feel that you are a part of their organization, not a mere representative of its services.


  • Be accommodative for everything

You have a client because your client has a need- it’s a simple math! So, every need has to be met with a positive response, but that doesn’t mean every need has to be met with a ‘yes’. Be accommodative and not submissive. Try to gratify as many needs as possible, but draw a line where the demands become outrageous! This builds credibility, especially when your client is convinced that you are working for their best.



  • Everything is always in control

When there is a deliverable, there’s going to be panic. And a great Brand Manager needs to stay ice cool while a volcano is erupting. No point jumping into the lava anyways, right? Regardless of delays, unsatisfactory deliverables, irresponsiveness and petty follies, a Brand Manager should always be calm because there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. And that’s possible only with a calm mind.

When you are calm, you are able to send out a message that there’s no need to panic. You establish yourself as a point of responsible and definite contact. It multiplies your ‘reliable’ quotient, which helps you in the long run!


Vital Tip

As a Brand Manager, never use the term ‘your’. Rather use the term ‘our’.

Example- Your product design is impressive – a big NO

Our product design is impressive – Personal touch, a massive YES!

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