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5 mistakes you must avoid in Content Writing!

5 mistakes you must avoid in Content Writing!


As a Writer, you leave office thinking that you have written the perfect copy, anticipating words of praise from the client for a quote you used or a description you gave. But, that happens once in a blue moon. Quite often, you see your mailbox flooded with complains about a spelling mistake that you made or a factual error that you committed or even a copy that was as bland as water!

If you have been experiencing something like this, it’s not because of a change in client brief or too much work to do. It most certainly is because of the follies you are frequently committing! Want to improve? Well, here are 5 mistakes you must avoid as a Content Writer-


  • Unattractive headlines-

In a 1000 word article (or even more) the most important 10 words make up your headline. Why? Because that’s the trailer of the movie you are going to show. It has to be intriguing! Now, most content writers think of the headline as a ‘title’ or a ‘topic’. Stop doing that, and treat your headline with utmost importance!

Want to know how you can write a catchy headline? Click here!


  • Poor research-

If you have a PhD in psychology and you are asked to write an article, it’s wiser to do a bit of research first even before you open a document for writing. Research is surely about the knowledge, but it is also about conditioning your mind to the new topic on hand. When you do adequate research, you are in a better position to explain things, hence in a better position to write a great copy!


  • Not proofreading-

Keep that ego aside because it’s a fact that the people who proofread produce better copies. Many writers believe that they won’t commit grammatical errors or silly spelling mistakes. That costs them big time, damaging their reputation. Proofread even a 10 word sentence. You are a writer because you are human, and since you are human, you will commit mistakes! Rectify & improve.


  • Not editing-

People get confused between proofreading and editing. Proofreading is eliminating mistakes. Editing is beautifying the copy. What you write is like a lump of clay, and when you edit you give it a great shape. When you write, you get random ideas, when you edit you are allowing yourself a chance to arrange those ideas in a better way. The best copies are best edited. Do not be ignorant about it. Editing improves readability manifold!


  • Whom are you writing for?

Writing a copy without knowing your audience is like writing a letter without mentioning an address- it just disappears! A lot of content writers bank on their writing skill, which is a good thing, but ignore the fact that they need to know whom they’re writing for. Imagine a kindergarten brochure in a Shakespearean lingo, that’d be such a let off.

First assess whom you are catering to, measure how casual or formal you can be and what people like, then let your content out!


Follow these tips and you will write better copy for sure. And be rest assured, this article has been edited and proofread twice!

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