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5 proven ways to write a catchy headline!

5 proven ways to write a catchy headline!

If you are following the 80/20 principle for your blog post, let that Vital 20% be a catchy headline and nothing else. Why? Because if you grab attention with the headline, you most certainly generate enough interest for the reader to click and read the entire article! David Ogilvy once said-


“On the average, five times as many people read

the headline as read the body copy.

When you have written your headline,

you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. “


Headlines were relevant a century ago, are relevant today and will be relevant a century later. Perfect the art of writing a catchy title and your blog traffic will skyrocket like never before! Here are 5 tips that will help you draft killer headlines in a matter of moments!


  • Be right on the money!

Just read the headline of the article you are reading right now. Had this been titled ‘Sweet little ways to make your clients go awww’, you certainly wouldn’t have clicked on it. Leave the literature lessons behind! Be right on the money; tell your reader what exactly you want to sell!


  • Use numbers

You have great information to share, but what if you are not the only one having it? Competition changes everything, doesn’t it? Just say- I’ll help you in 5 ways, or in 2 minutes- and you find yourself in a better position to win the reader. Numbers play a psychological game and convey that it’s a quick yet valuable read. You are here for the 5 ways right?


  • Ask a question that’s on everyone’s mind

If you don’t have 5 or 10 ways to solve a problem, then ask a question that generates curiosity. Simply speaking, if you can’t provide a blog saying ‘5 ways to destroy ISIS’, then write a blog with a headline, ‘Who’s the driving force behind ISIS’s expansion?’ When questions match, curiosity flows unobstructed.


  • Use sensible adjectives

Adjectives add the punch you need to grab attention. However, a big blow can cause your reader to get knocked off on the first round. KO isn’t that great for bloggers. Period. Use adjectives, but don’t lose balance.

‘5 idea for making Kafkaesque Halloween costumes’ – confuses more than it conveys

‘5 ideas for making scary Halloween costumes’ – works like a charm!


  • Make bold promises

Read this and you attract all the money you want!

Now, that’s a promise sure to get innumerable clicks. Everybody wants to attract money, know where the hot rod is, and slam the hammer hard! Be outrageous, and never hesitate to be loud. But ensure that your headline sounds more like Maria Callas and not a fish seller. The moment you assert a promise, the reader psychologically gets attracted by the confidence and buys your idea.

PS- Always back your promises.


Vital tip:

Always draft a headline that could catch your attention as a reader and not as a writer.

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