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5 Things To Know Before Running A Google AdWords Campaign!

5 Things To Know Before Running A Google AdWords Campaign!

(3 min read)

One of the most effective modes of online advertising, Google AdWords, also known as Pay Per Click Ads, could be highly lucrative for businesses. But, of course, there is a catch – there is a difference between doing it, and doing it right! And mostly, it’s here that either your campaign could blow all your money up, or fetch you amazing ROI.

But, hey, listen, you don’t have to worry about how to run the perfect AdWords campaign. Just follow these 5 simple steps and you’re sorted!

  1. Build a specific landing page: The thought of bringing prospects to your home page is, in most cases, redundant! Build a specific landing page where you are only talking about the specific service and bring your prospects to it. For instance, if we want more prospects for our own Google AdWords service, we’ll bring them on a specific landing page where we talk only about Google AdWords.
  2. Only one clear call to action: Multiple calls to action on a website can confuse prospects. It can defeat the purpose of the campaign. Be very specific about what you want people to do on that landing page – Subscribe? Download? Send an inquiry? If you select ‘Subscribe’, make sure subscription is the only call to action on that landing page. No ‘learn more’ or ‘Our story’. Narrate your story later. Sell first!
  3. Heading of ad and heading of landing page: Should be the same! Exactly the same! Do not mislead. No one who ever wanted to travel Europe would travel to Antarctica. If we are running a campaign for Google AdWords, and the first and second line of our ad reads – Google AdWords Services. Win Customers In 3 Seconds – then the heading of our landing page has to be ‘Google AdWords Services’ and the subheading, ‘Win Customers In 3 Seconds’.
  4. Track conversions: Please leverage Google AdWords. Like to it’s fullest! Please it’s important – it can reveal to you some of the most useful information. You can track everything – right from which keywords fetch you how many clicks, to prospects arriving through which keywords fetch you conversions. If you study this, you’ll be able to run a much more thought out campaign resulting in a higher ROI!
  5. Split tests: Test it out. Split ads. Use different keywords. Do not let your campaign be stagnant. Play around with the bids. Invest your time. Even if you have one landing page, you can run two different ads with different keywords and bid strategies. Do all that testing.

Now that you know your formulas well – All the best! In case you still are not sure, contact us to make the formulas for you!

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