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5 things you should never say to your potential customers

5 things you should never say to your potential customers

There are various ways in which you can connect to a potential customer. But, a dealing on call still remains one of the most effective and preferred methods of communication. The first call makes a massive difference, this where you intrigue the client. So, what you say and how you convey it matters a lot. The initial conversation till the final meeting has to be  dealt with carefully. There’s a lot that you can speak about, but there are some major let offs that you need to be really aware of.


Here are 5 things you should never say to a potential customer!


  • “Your page is really bad”

Never criticize the work done already by the client or their associates. That makes you sound pessimistic and leaves a negative impression. Rather, shift the focus of the conversation towards ways in which you can help them improve.


  • “I am not the right person to talk about it”

The moment you make a statement like that, you create a roadblock in the conversation. Well, it is possible that you don’t know about a sales term or a PR jargon that the client wants to discus. But, in no circumstance must you say that you ‘don’t know’ about it.

Rather, be positive and connect the client with a concerned person who can answer the query.


  • “Can you tell me something about your company”?

Never call a client without doing a basic research about the business. It makes you appear unprofessional and uninterested. On the other hand,  considerable research before approaching a client is impressive. You get considered as a ‘seriously interested’ prospect.


  • “I had a hangover throughout the weekend”

Too much professionalism is obviously a let-off; it gets the client off his comfort zone. A casual few questions, greetings, jokes and talks are okay, but that doesn’t give you the authority to go off track for long. If you had a hangover, just end it in one line and get back to the deal on hand. No client wants to know about your personal life, or even the problems you face in it. It takes your conversation off the ‘professional’ track!


  • “We are the best”

You might be the best at doing something. But never boast about it. Let your work speak. Always adopt a tone which is humble and eager to help. This will make the potential customer believe that you are really interested in assisting and the humility works wonders for a long term relationship!


Vital Tip : Offer help, even when it is difficult to deliver.

Example: When a query comes in an hour after office timings-

“There’s no one in the office. Call tomorrow” – NO

“I am sorry I won’t be able to provide you with assistance right away. But, I will surely get back to you on this as soon as I can. Really appreciate your cooperation!” – YES!

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