6 elements to have in a high conversion landing page

Landing page

The user has clicked on your ad and now he’ll arrive on your landing page.


What have you kept in store for the user? A truckload of content that boasts about the services you provide? Or a generic write-up that’s going to sway the user away?

Most businesses do not know what to do with their landing page because they don’t know what a landing page actually does. It is not a gateway to what you’re selling; but a microcosmic experience that you give to your user.

It is needless to say that the experience has to be outstanding. But, what are the elements that make your landing page a stunning beauty?

Here are 7 elements!


  1. A catchy headline-

Grab them in the first 3 seconds and they’ll want to know everything about you, take everything from you and be connected with you.


  1. An offer they can’t reuse-

Reward a user for choosing you. A small discount, a free service, free version of a book you wrote on marketing or anything that can add value to their business, it works like a charm!


  1. Captivating images

Dull images are gigantic online turnoffs. Make sure that you have high quality images on your landing page. Keep the pictures relevant and clean. If it adds to the look and feel of the page, nothing like it!


  1. An informative video-

Want to go a degree higher than images? Choose video. But make sure that it is informative, simple, easy to understand and entertaining. Videos help you hook the customer in the most effective manner.

Bonus point: A thousand words fail to do what a video can in 1 minute.


  1. Ask for a response-

People love it when you ask for their opinion. Even if the experience is bad, a user is always happy when a feedback is requested. Ask for a response or ask them to fill out a survey. You get the data, and your customer leaves with positive vibes. Win-win!


  1. Call to action-

A smart call to action can be a crucial factor in converting a potential customer into a customer. Make sure that you are precise with what you want the user to do. You might want them to watch a video or view an infographic or drop a mail, just ask them to do it. Conclusively, It is a tiny yet powerful motivating element that eggs the user to act!


These 6 ingredients are designed to make a perfect recipe to impress your potential customer! Drooling already? Just re-do your landing page and let us know how you feel about it!

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