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Brand Identity

Identity Design is the silent ambassador of your Brand!


Brand identity is simply what you stand for. Had Trump campaigned as a peace-loving chocolate boy, he surely would have been selling used cars for a living.

You’re not Trump, but you possibly are a business swimming in an ocean of competition. You either stay afloat by having an identity or you sink as an unknown wreck.

If you want to be the cream of the crop, you have to abandon your cupboard love of having nothing else but a logo. Brand Identity ranges from the way your laptop bag is designed, the way you speak on call to the colors you use for envelopes!


Great Results

26 businesses were interested in winning customers in the first 3 seconds.


Improved Sales

12 Businesses mailed back saying that the Grabber had helped in increasing sales.


Vital Grabbers

34 companies replaced their tagline with the Vital Grabber provided to them.



3 clients were converted in the first week after the article was published.


  • Identify key attributes of a brand
  • Logo and tagline
  • Brand Visual Language
  • Stationery
  • Packaging Design
  • Marketing material design
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