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The Power Of A Vital Grabber

It was a tiring Monday evening as dusk had just settled in. Eager eyes glanced at the clock that was about to hit 7. Work was done but the laptops were still updating. The anticipation to go back home early was shattered by an unexpected phone call. After a brief conversation, a panicky scribble & a silent ponder, the notebook read – profit ad 29 th Aug.

The idea of early Monday rest burst like a bubble, because it was the 28 th And there wasn’t a 24 hour deadline; the client needed it precisely at 9pm! If the agony of waiting back on a Monday evening wasn’t bad enough, the tremble of creating a print ad in two hours made it worse! But the opportunity to deliver was pretty much there, just like the willingness to help them win customers in the first 3 seconds!

The product

Profit NX is an accounting, stock & billing solutions software. Due to complex tax systems, businesses need accounting programs that make their tasks easier. Profit NX provided some exclusive features along with the best existing services:

  • Automatic GST calculation: Once you feed in the GST charge pertinent to your product, you don’t have to select the proportion of CGST, SGST or IGST. The software automatically calculates the rate based on the location of business. A big relief for businesses!
  • Magic marge facility: Helps you prepare invoices while your CA or accountant can file returns and go about other accounting jobs from any location.
  • Fully customizable invoice & reports: Data can be fed in excel format and all reports can be customized in various formats.
  • Powerful magic search option: In case you don’t know the interface well, you can just hit F12 and search for the feature / option you are looking out for.
  • True windows based software: Supports parallel working with multiple platforms.

The problem

GST was imposed on 1 st July 2017 and a lot of accounting softwares were selling like hot cakes. It was a boom created by the change in tax system that got such softwares high in demand. Profit NX had a decent month of July with average sales. But now it was August end. The demand had dried out and the sales experienced a steep decline.

The will to stand out amongst competitors along with a goal to sell more than just 2-3 copies
a day egged Profit NX to go for a print ad in a leading regional newspaper.

Results and statistics

The objective of delivering just one strong and clear message was achieved. While other ads loaded a reader with too much information, the Profit NX ad stood alone simple and uncluttered. Moreover, it is worthwhile to note that the ad was not the largest!

The ad was more than just a visual achievement.

It worked exceedingly well for Profit NX and boosted their declining sales. Here are some essential statistics:

Average daily calls per month shot up from 2-4 to 12-15.
Monthly sales from May to October: 31, 29, 58, 37, 95, 84