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Poetic Justice in 3 Seconds!

The call was on since the last 30 minutes. The phone was sandwiched between the ear and the shoulder. The laptop screen was being scrolled and some seemingly crucial notes were being taken down. It wasn’t usual to have such a long call with this client. A crisp 1 minute brief would be the normal way of proceeding.

The cabin door opened after an eternity and all eyes were glued at the Brand Manager’s face. Is the client unhappy? Did we commit a grave mistake? Does the client want more? Are we falling short? – Some naturally understandable questions popped up through some extremely eager eyes.

All concerns were rubbished.

‘TBZ needs a unique identity’, it was declared. And thus began a new journey to explore beyond the box.

The requirement

TBZ Opera House has been a premier Jewellery showroom in Mumbai since 1864. It has had a magnanimous presence that very few Jewellers have managed to achieve. Yet, the Social Media page wasn’t picking up as well as it should have. The client wanted more involvement, but most importantly, the client wanted TBZ Opera House to have an identity so different that it reflected in a distinct manner.

The Process

The team approached the brief in different ways to explore different avenues of achieving the task. But first, the problem had to be defined. Various jewellery pages on Facebook were checked and some major observations were noted down.

Simultaneously, the Goods and the Bads of TBZ Opera House Facebook page were listed after some intense analysis.

It was noted that most jewellery pages have the same kind of content. The images and texts had the same pattern. The ‘identity’ part was clear due to this comparison. The design is the soul of a Facebook page, at least for a business that relies on impressive looks. That cannot be touched.

Since the elements couldn’t be changed, the team decided on changing the pattern. But what could be done to achieve distinctiveness? What could be done to be different, yet win customers in the first 3 seconds?

Poetic solution

The Google doc had reached page 9 with a variety of options randomly being filled in by anyone who had an idea. Most sentences went in vein, but the true thing was found between the lines! Two sentences, written by different team members, had rhyming words and fortunately, they made sense as well.

The copywriters jumped onto it and transformed those lines into a poem.

The poetic visual of the jewellery was complemented exceedingly well by golden words. Fortunately, it was not winning but mesmerizing customers in 3 seconds. The first post was a hit, but consistency was still a major requisite. It was not about the likes but the identity.

After a grueling week of reading poetry, studying designs and jotting down rhymes, content for the ensuing 4 weeks was prepared. The content was posted along some exquisite designs and some unbelievable results were achieved.

The Identity

The poetry gave the entire page an artistic feel. None of the competitors or any of the jewellery outlets had ventured into anything like this. The idea was so new that it was praised on multiple occasions. Since every poetry was a reflection of the jewellery design posted on the page, a poetic harmony was achieved that helped in creating a distinct identity.

The page also witnessed some analytical victories:

 Post engagement increased by 40%

Page Likes increased by 38%

Social shares increased by 20%

An average of 10% more comments were recorded in a month