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New way to deliver messages through Video!

It was an ordinary Wednesday morning with the midweek blues soaring high. Work was coming in at full pace and client calls added to the mandatory chaos. From noting down minor changes to gulping down chai to stay focused, everything was just like a weekday could possibly be.

Yet, there was an air of anxiety at the workplace. The mail was being refreshed every minute. The Account Manager’s desk was being glanced at, restlessly. Moments later there was movement off the chair. A deep breath later it was announced, ‘Vodafone is on!’

The requirement

Vodafone India had collaborated with Samsung to launch a new cash back offer. They wanted 2 videos – first as training material to salespeople who would explain; sell the offer to retailers, second for customers so that they can easily understand the offer. They wanted both videos to be translated in Hindi as well.

Number of Videos: 4 (2 for Retailers, 2 for Customers)
Duration: 1 Minute each
Video Type: Animation with Voice Over

Language: English ; Hindi

The Problem

The script provided by Vodafone was a complete misfit for a 1 minute video. Vital20’s Video Team felt that a feature film could be made out of it, it was that lengthy. Requests for changes in the script were turned down. The client was firm that no content from the given text can be scrapped. Here are some problems that the script posed: 1. The script was too lengthy 2. The offer was poorly explained  3.There were too many jargons used

The key ideators felt that the purpose of winning in 3 seconds wasn’t being served. A unanimous decision was taken to risk it all and make a sample video that followed the Pareto Principle. The team was willing to re-do the entire thing if the plan failed.

The Proving Ground

The script was scrutinized and shredded to a limit that only 20% of the original text remained. The unnecessary elements were further eliminated and content related to the offer was selected for scripting. 3 hours of brainstorming and countless options later, a Vital Grabber was devised.

The body of the script was quickly structured and intricate editing brought the text into perfect shape. After unanimous approval, the script was sent across expecting either a tower of rebukes or a bridge of praises.

The requirement was urgent so the reply was swift.
The mail read, ‘Can you do it in Hindi as well?’

Not knowing if it’s a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down, the only thing that could have been done was fulfil the requirement again. But that also meant that there could be a possibility of re-doing 2 scripts from the scratch, what a task!

The English script was translated to Hindi after being approved from an in-house Lekhak.
The text was passed through multiple hands to ensure that the message is delivered effortlessly. The script was mailed again, this time requesting a feedback.

The Strange Approval

‘What has been changed in the script?’ was the reply.

Even after trimming down the text to 10%, realigning the script and using a Vital Grabber first up, the client felt that nothing significant had been changed. No matter how strange that might sound, it was an achievement like no other. The idea had been delivered and the result was satisfactory.

‘This works for us. When can you send us the second script?’ the last line read.

The team jumped over it and soon all 4 scripts were ready. The Production Team got into action and after some relentless working on a stretch for 3 days, the project was completed.

The Videos were approved at the first cut.

The Response

Trainees and salespeople found the video so simple that they used the Vital Grabber while pitching the offer to retailers.

 In 1 minute, the salespeople fully understood the offer.

 Salespeople went to the extent of saving the videos on mobile to show it to retailers.

 The customers understood the offer.