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A Brand Manager appears to be a mere point of contact between a company and customers. But, in reality, the role is extremely crucial  when you have a gamut of clients prowling for the best deliverables. Difference in opinion and expertise can often create friction between the client and the company. That’s where the Brand Manager is at the line of fire! But how can you manage clients well and be in their good books regardless of...

There are various ways in which you can connect to a potential customer. But, a dealing on call still remains one of the most effective and preferred methods of communication. The first call makes a massive difference, this where you intrigue the client. So, what you say and how you convey it matters a lot. The initial conversation till the final meeting has to be  dealt with carefully. There’s a lot that you can speak about,...

  One of the oldest and the most famous modes of communication, print advertising can cost a fortune to a business. Yet, there are businesses that prefer it over the currently booming online modes of communication because regardless of the comparatively short life span, it has the ability to generate an instant response. Unlike your online presence, you do not have to invest in building it up!   So if you are giving a print ad, might as well...

(1 min read)   We'll come to the point. Here are the 4 things you should know about your customers:   Why do customers buy your offering? Vital 20% product benefits fetch 80% sales. Answers what your advertorial creative should contain. Who are the key customers? Vital 20% customer traits fetch 80% sales. Answers who your advertorial creative should target. Where to find the prospects? Vital 20% ad mediums fetch 80% sales. Answers where your advertorial creative should be...