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98% of all text messages are read within 5 seconds of receiving.

You would rather ask for an arm and a leg than asking for another reason to start off with SMS marketing. If you are a penny pincher seeking penetration that leads to sales, switch your laptop off and send a text instead.

In case you are willing to go crazy enough with your advertising campaign, be wise enough to lump in SMS marketing at the forefront.

An E-mail is stronger than a cup of coffee in the morning

58% adults check mail first thing in the morning. You have a medium of advertising that neither yells nor shouts, but just whispers when it matters the most.

E-mail marketing is a silent menace. It achieves great feats without beating a hollow drum. If you need to reach out to more customers who end up buying from you, E-mail marketing is the Holy Grail. It increases numbers like a fox & slaughters advertising noise.


We deliver globally, providing result-driven project management and seamless communication. Our solutions yield benefit in Internet-facing, corporate and hybrid environments.

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