‘That is so dud!’

Aditya yelped, pointing at the bill-board.

It was a weekend and Hetansh and Aditya, the co-founders of Vital20 Communications, sloshed, were in a yellow cab, pub crawling with friends. The car halted at Times Square – a major commercial spot and one of the most premium areas in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

‘That’s so much noise,’ he’d further remarked.

Of course, his observation was directed at the ads all around. One fleeting look around the Times Square and you’d discern a dozen top companies fighting for just that much space. And for just that much attention span.

Hetansh had reverted, ‘But that’s true for, like, every company everywhere.’

It’s not just at Times Square that companies are struggling for mind space. Pick up today’s newspaper. Browse through your Facebook. Take a ride on the busiest road of your city. And you’ll be dumbfounded to see the kind of exposure you’ll have to a range of communication.

‘So, what does one do about it?’ Aditya had asked.

‘What if, people knew exactly what to communicate, to whom to communicate, where to communicate and when to communicate?’

‘If that can happen that’ll be the single-most, biggest game-changer!

Of course, they were drunk! However, they were on it from next morning!

Hetansh Desai and Aditya Mehta had met at Babson College. They were pursuing Master’s Of Sciences In Entrepreneurial Leadership and Management. Babson is ranked number one in the world for entrepreneurial studies.

Babson always motivated them to question. And drill deep down when observing a pain point. They did! And guess what they found – The Pareto Principle!

Then was the time for some in-depth research. They consumed all the literature that was available on 80/20 – books, videos, and webinars. All of it. Notably, they followed Richard Koch, Perry Marshall and Scott Dennison. And they started working on it while they were in college, and decided to focus on it full time after graduating.

Enter Harpal! A liberal Arts graduate, having worked with Ogilvy, and sitting pretty with over a thousand hour experience in designing. Post Babson, Hetansh and Aditya shared this theory with him and he held onto it. Straightaway. Together they identified and developed areas where the law of 80/20 could be implemented in communications.

Currently, Vital20 Communications has a team of over 10 dedicated people, spread across Ahmedabad and Mumbai (India) and Boston (US), who look after the operations. This team includes brand manager(s), digital marketer(s), copywriter(s), designer(s), marketing executive(s) and workflow manager(s). Also, they have necessary tie-ups with photographers, videographers, illustrators and coders across cities to ensure that they become your one-stop solution for all your communication needs!

Our market reach

Vital20 in numbers
500 Accumulated turnover (CR) of our clients
10 Accumulated People (Cr) Our Clients Reached
5000 Number of ads delivered
15000 Accumulated Experience in Hours