Vital20 is a marketing engagement agency that creates powerful brand stories and designs unique user experiences to deliver meaningful business results.

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Vital20 Communications Hub

5116, Wing C, Oberoi Estate Garden, Beside Boomerang, Saki Naka Mumbai, India



Our Story

Our story started off at Times Square, Manhattan, after witnessing humongous competition for advertising space. With the top brands fighting it out for every billboard, one question curiously popped up – How much of advertising actually works?
The quest to get an answer paved a path to dig into concepts like the 3 seconds theory & Pareto Principle. The conclusion based on the in-depth study was very precise & simple – content which is structured better wins hands down. Taking that as a big lesson in marketing, Vital20 Communications was incepted.

The Founder’s cabin is infested by everyone, except the Founder himself. Network issues can be unfair to anyone, literally. The tone of the workplace is inspired by a Digital Manager who appears to be working all the time and finds pleasure in taking a jibe at a Brand manager who enjoys work and Keto diet! Somewhere amidst that, in a secluded corner, is a Content Manager who prays to work in silence someday.

The Design Team is all about drooling over impressive graphics, finding inspiration in creatives and taking naps in the afternoon. It is also a team too efficient to be questioned and too industrious to leave a stone unturned. Rumor has it, they lose night’s sleep if you don’t fall in love with the designs they create!

The nocturnal spirit is led by Harpal, the Creative Manager, who exudes unmatched gusto and excels at rejecting creatives.

Passionate About Our Work

A perfect combination of creativity and technical wizardry

Shaudhan Desai


The backbone

Hetansh Desai

Founder & CEO

OCD with systems

Harpalsinh Vaghela

Art Director

The nocturnal artist

Susmita Sarkar

Brand Manager

Self-proclaimed workaholic

Gaurav Mehta

Head Digital Marketer

The silent assassin

Akshay Kulkarni

Communication Strategist

The late lateef

Sana Khan

Visual Strategist

The artisan

Pritam Bid

Graphic Designer

Innocent humour

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