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 As a Writer, you leave office thinking that you have written the perfect copy, anticipating words of praise from the client for a quote you used or a description you gave. But, that happens once in a blue moon. Quite often, you see your mailbox flooded with complains about a spelling mistake that you made or a factual error that you committed or even a copy that was as bland as water!If you have been experiencing...

If you are following the 80/20 principle for your blog post, let that Vital 20% be a catchy headline and nothing else. Why? Because if you grab attention with the headline, you most certainly generate enough interest for the reader to click and read the entire article! David Ogilvy once said-  “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty...

(2 min read) In the quest of waking your slumbering daughter up, you said a million things to her. And that's where you lost. What if we told you this: You just had to say 1 thing to shed her sleep off! Now, here. Let's turn the tables. You are the sleeping daughter and XYZ is the father. Tell us, which approach works better? Option 1 (50 words) XYZ is CEO and co-founder of ABC. He is the co-author of...