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(2 min read) In the quest of waking your slumbering daughter up, you said a million things to her. And that's where you lost. What if we told you this: You just had to say 1 thing to shed her sleep off! Now, here. Let's turn the tables. You are the sleeping daughter and XYZ is the father. Tell us, which approach works better? Option 1 (50 words) XYZ is CEO and co-founder of ABC. He is the co-author of...

(1 min read) 20% roads, clothes, food items, songs and other causes that account for 80% of effects are highly crucial. So are those Vital 20% of messages on ads that fetch 80% of responses. As an entrepreneur, you need to understand this. Imagine your child in deep sleep. For bachelors, imagine you have a child. And a wife! You want to wake her up. She doesn't want to. She loves her sleep. You go to her, caress her back and give...